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What is a camera really?

What a silly question… In my last article I showed my film camera but later on I realised that maybe I went a bit too deep into terminology without explaining […]

The colour wheel is wrong

🎨 Yesterday I published a reel where I mentioned that the traditional colour wheel used among artists is wrong. 👎 Not completely wrong but, from the point of view of […]

Articles, posts and graphics

On this page I have collected samples of my work as a scientist, a social media enthusiast and a freelancer. Sample PowerPoint slides from my scientific talks Articles Graphic design […]

Tiedekysymys: Ilmakehä ja typpi

🌬 Ilma koostuu eri kaasuista. Yleisin niistä on typpi – 78%, ja toiseksi yleisin on monille eliöille välttämätön happi – 21%. 🧫 Ei saa unohtaa, että typpi on myös välttämätöntä, […]