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Chip photography – part 5

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🌟Chip photography 🌟

🔶 Getting rid of the epoxy – success 🔶

The epoxy coating the beautiful silicon chips occasionally gives in. Yay!

So far, the highest success rate has been achieved by using boiling concentrated sulfuric acid. And it needs to be in a test tube or another vessel. We have tried dropping it on the chip and heating it up with a butane torch. Not recommended. Out of five chips, only one showed some progress but the fumes of the decomposing acids are too much to handle. One chip was later opened to find out that it had cracked from the heat. But when contained in a test tube and carefully heated up with a butane torch, the process is under control. It doesn’t work 100%, though. Multiple rounds of bringing it boiling, replacing the concentrated sulfuric acid and re-heating again can still leave the epoxy untouched…

But, there are already many chips in my collection that have broken free and showing their beautiful iridescent pattern. Chips from a couple of decades ago and older are more dull in colour than modern ones. I will demonstrate in the next post where I will tell about taking the actual photos.

(Originally posted on 30.9.2020 on my Instagram page)